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We’re here to take the guesswork out of building your next website or web application! We design websites that look great and perform exceptionally well on search engines.

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The Web3 FrameWork is designed to help maximize the potential of Wordpress. Find out why your next website should be built on the 3rd generation of our platform!

Faster Server Configuration

The Web³ frameworkⱽ³ was built for speed - clocking in at 500-1200 milliseconds! This is thanks to a proprietary server configuration that our team has been working on for the last few years. Our configuration includes a dedicated IP as well as an SSL, which is helpful for SEO and adds an additional layer of security to your website.

More Flexibility With Wordpress

More websites run on Wordpress than any other system. It's packed with functionality and, if utilized correctly, can be a great tool for SEO. Our Framework solves two of the most common problems associated with poor Wordpress installs: slow loading speed and a lack of security. By combining some of our proprietary tools into fewer script files, we have increased the speed of Wordpress and improved security by eliminating many unnecessary third-party plugins. Plus, unlike companies running a proprietary CMS, you have the flexibility to host anywhere!

Optimized for Search Engines

Although the Web³ frameworkⱽ³ does a lot more, a central focus during its development was improving internal SEO (search engine optimization). There's a lot that goes into deploying a successful SEO campaign, but we like to think of the Web³ frameworkⱽ³ as a strong foundation for SEO success. We've been helping companies of all shapes and sizes improve their position on Google and attract more potential customers for over a decade. Here are some of our SEO Success Stories.

Built-in Functionality

The Web³ frameworkⱽ³ is packed with functionality and helps to expedite development by allowing our team to use many pre-formatted components. We've built components for everything from contact form/CTA structure to product management, payment forms, newsletter integration, document management, user accounts, e-commerce, video integration and so much more. Our team is experienced in adapting our handy components to fit your business needs!

Application Development

Our team of skilled back-end developers can help you turn your business vision into reality. We've built everything from complex user-driven applications to integrated payment systems. We are here to help you refine your idea into something functional, intuitive and effective.

FAQ About Web Development

Why is it important to hire an experienced web developer?

“I don’t want bells and whistles, I just want a good price!” Ya, we get that a lot! It’s important for business owners to understand that hiring an experienced web developer is not splurging, it’s investing in your business. For example, a website developed by a novice programmer might load in 2-3 seconds, while a website developed by one of our senior developers usually loads in less than one second. Although this might not seem significant, it is often the difference between page #1 and page #2 of Google. The more your website works as a “branch” of your business, the more you should ensure that the website is designed and developed around your business needs (to simplify your business processes, saving you time and money).

What are you doing to help businesses during COVID-19?

We have recently launched a COVID-19 relief incentive for small business owners. We are providing a discount on all of our website packages to new clients (we are providing a slightly more significant discount to our existing clients as well). Our clients are the reason for our success and we want to say thank you to all of the organizations who chose to work with us over the last 14 years. Professional web development should be accessible for every new business and through the Web3 Framework, we’re making it more affordable for business owners in Edmonton to get a high-end product for a relatively low price.

How do I determine the right budget for my new website?

The right budget ultimately depends on your goals. If the goal is to be in first place on Google, we have to look at your competitors and determine how we can match and exceed their online marketing efforts. In some cases, however, we also understand that some clients have a limited budget; in that case, we would recommend starting with a lower package and working your way up the rankings by implementing some of our recommendations on an ongoing basis. This will ensure you have the right foundation to build on for your future online marketing efforts.

Are there any shortcuts to getting on page #1 of Google?

The short answer is not really, however, the Web3 Framework does do a lot to improve SEO through one install. Many of the features we’ve built for ourselves and our clients (both from a functional/design and SEO perspective) are packed into the Web3 Framework – this saves a lot of time that we would otherwise spend optimizing a standard install of WordPress to load quickly, have the right markup, include the right on-page elements etc. All of that being said, external factors such as citations still have to be built, which is a manual process for which there is no short cut (just a lot of hard work).

What can I get $1,500?

The short answer is not a lot. We are aware that some companies/freelancers in Edmonton are offering websites for $1,500 and lower. We would just caution business owners here because, in our experience, most of these people are “jack-of-all-trades” developers who use templates that are often very clunky and load slowly (in one case, we even took over the hosting for a website that was loading in over 14 seconds!). For a business that is serious about success both on and offline, there’s nothing that can replace a well-designed website built by designers, developers, and SEO experts at the top of their game. Generally speaking, it’s very difficult to find a professional team of individuals for prices lower than about $3500. A well-crafted website will pay dividends for years to come through overall brand awareness, rankings, and successful conversions. Many of the websites built on our framework have maintained page #1 rankings with minimum ongoing maintenance, providing a steady stream of leads at a low ongoing cost.

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