Rates Comparison Chart

Critical Factors
to Consider
The Phone
Book People
& Webmasters
Other Local
icon_logo_01Best Value
Starting Hourly Rate$ 150 / hr.From $ 40
to $ 100 / hr.
From $ 140
to $ 220 / hr.
$ 95 / hr.
Number of StaffToo Many
New Staff
15 -1512
Proprietary SEO
Program & Software
Phone Support"I'll have to
submit a ticket."
If I'm not busy.ImmediateImmediate
Starting Rates For
Custom Web Design
$ 10,000$ 500 & Up$ 5,000 & Up$ 3,500
Guaranteed Results
For Monthly SEO
Extra Charges for
Small Changes
Proven Track RecordOften Not
NoSometimes98.9 % Positive
Google Reviews
Rates for Monthly SEO ProgramStarting at
$ 1000 / Mo.
How Does
That Work?
Starting at
$ 1500 / Mo.
Starting at
$ 800 / Mo.
Years in Business"Hi, I’m Frank. I
just started today."
Usually Under
3 years.
Varies14 years
Ability to Handle
Large Projects
$10,000 - $100,000
COVID-19 Small Business Relief DiscountsNoNoNoYes

Great for small businesses that want to work with a top-rated agency. All of our websites are responsive, custom designed and optimized for search engines.

$2,700 USD $3,500 CAD Basic

A good choice for growing businesses. The Bronze Package allows more time for competitive research, planning and content development.

$3,900 USD $5,000 CAD Bronze

The Silver Package is great for medium-sized, or growing businesses looking to make an impact online. Our project managers will help guide you through the process!

$5,800 USD $7,500 CAD Silver

The Gold Package is ideal for established organizations looking to outperform competitors. This package focuses on SEO, content, brand development and landing page development.

$7,700 USD $10,000 CAD Gold

The Platinum Package is our best value in terms of hourly rate. This package focuses on elevating both online and offline marketing efforts.

$11,600 USD $15,000 CAD Platinum

A custom proposal is used for projects that require significant custom development. We have built integrated online applications for organizations such as the UofA, Alberta Health Services and Myshak Group.

$15, 000+ USD $20,000+ CAD Custom Proposal

Host your website with us and feel comfortable knowing that we’re monitoring your site. We’re never more than a phone call away for support or questions.

Hosting $40/month

Our SSD hosting system based in Canada creates a swift experience for your customers. Phone support and website monitoring are included.

Advanced Hosting $70/month

We’ve helped hundreds of companies improve their ranking on the Google Search page with our comprehensive SEO services and monthly reports.  4-month Rank Improvement Guarantee!

SEO from $800/month

Our AdWords Certified personnel monitor and edit top keywords for your business, ensuring that your ads are performing at maximum capacity across the Google Network.

Adwords Maintenance from $400/month

Implementing paid ads on popular social media platforms will reach your customers in a cost-effective way that creates value for your company.

Social Media from $900/month

Our talented design team creates masterful designs for business cards, brochures, post cards, car wraps, & more!

Design & Print from $110/hour

We have a proprietary process for understanding the core values your logo should represent. When it’s done right the first time, you avoid unnecessary redesign costs.

Logo Design from $900

We’ll create a brand for you that portrays who your company is and what it stands for. We ensure that all your company’s materials deliver the right message.

Branding Guideline from $2,300

We offer complete video production services including scriptwriting, storyboarding, shooting and animation headed by our talented team of videographers.

Videography from $900

Our in-house video editing team edits and finalizes live action or animated videos.

Video Editing from $1,400

We are able to get spectacular footage of the Edmonton area with our professional aerial photography services and equipment. 

Aerial Video from $800

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